Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Putting the *Extra* in the Ordinary

Around our house these days (well around whatever house we living in at the moment LOL), we are learning the important value of everyday things. Any parent whose child has a disability can relate. You learn to celebrate victories in the activities which come naturally for others, but for which your little one must struggle so hard. I read a blog from a friend of ours that was celebrating her daughter mastering the straw and it almost brought me to tears. Why? Because these past few weeks we have celebrated our own extra[ordinary] moments. are a few of those successes (in no particular order)!

This week Little G went #2 on the potty. I know a lot of parents' kids struggle with potty training. Others not so much. But it is a HUGE challenge for SPD kiddos. In fact, he rarely does anything on the potty. And this was the first. time. ever. for #2. It was the tiniest little bit and most was already in his pull-up, but we all squealed with delight -- and G got to choose his potty hour long DVD of Bubble Guppies. (What was I thinking?!? Twenty minutes of that show will drive any sane person crazy. Yes. But I was already crazy. Crazy excited I guess.)

Grant and his speech therapist
Therapy went really well this week and we had two big victories there... First, in speech, Grant was able to recall an event and initiated telling the story to his therapist. It consisted of "Greenwood... mumble mumble.... house....mumble mumble...Grant bed....mumble mumble" Grant has really improved his speech when expressing his wants/needs, but we have never heard him recall a story of something that happened to him in the past. His therapist had no idea what he was talking about, but I new EXACTLY, because last weekend we moved all our furniture to our new home in Greenwood and set up his bed in his new bedroom.
Grant's bed in his new room
The next big step happened during his OT session. Grant has a really hard time eating with utensils. Some of it has to do with his muscle tone, some with his motor planning skills, some with his eating difficulties. He always has a huge mess if he is eating something other than a solid because very rarely does it manage to get onto his utensil, across the plate to his face and into his mouth. Often he tires of trying and wants someone to help him or gives up and doesn't want to eat altogether. Well...the OT tried some different techniques this week with preparing his muscles and then he attempted to eat applesauce. Needless to say, he ate the entire container by himself without so much as a dribble of applesauce ANYWHERE! Again, not such a huge thing for most...but I was literally in shock. His form was still a little awkward, but he was able to complete the task all by himself - YAY!

I know we had other minor victories since my last post...but I just cannot recall them all at this very moment. Oh well. But, not to be out down by their brother, Carter and Noémi have had their own recent successes. And we take none of those for granted either! Carter is reading like a champ! At the end of the school year he was reading small words and simple sentences but literally this summer has completely mastered reading. He surprises me daily by the text he sees and recites to me. Noémi is right on track for her developmental milestones and has really blossomed into an active baby this past month. She is rolling all around and flails her arms and legs on her belly as if she was ready to master this crawling thing. She laughs and giggles at her silly brothers and sleeps like a champ through the entire night. And at her check up this Monday, she was 15lbs 6oz! Maybe because she is the third, or because I am so busy, but I feel like her infancy is flying by...oh, to slow time a bit and soak in her baby-ness!
The kids on July 4th next blog post will most definitely be from our new abode. We are officially 'moved-in' and will be sleeping at our house in Greenwood starting this weekend. The week after that our family heads to Pennsylvania to speak at a family camp and then it will be August and time for school to start!! I can't believe summer is coming to a close already!