Monday, September 10, 2012

The Lazy, errr... I mean, BUSY Days of Summer

So when last I updated this blog our family was prepping for our big move. Little did I know that it would be MONTHS until I had time to update again. Last night I was lamenting to my husband that I need a "pause" button for my life right now. Things are just flying by so quickly and our ever-growing little lady is a visual reminder of just how fast time goes.

So here we are, once again trying to recap way more information than is reasonable for a blog post. But here goes...

1. We moved and got settled into our new home in Greenwood. We love our new home and especially our new fenced in back yard.
Chillin' in our new living room (thanks mom and dad for the great furniture!)

2. We travelled to Western PA so we could share our ministry at a family camp. It was quite the adventure - especially since we were only in our new house for 2 weeks before we left and we still didn't have a functioning kitchen when we returned (another long story).

The boys at Cherry Run Camp

3. Upon return from camp the boys started school. Grant began developmental preschool three mornings a week and we began the exciting adventure of homeschooling Carter for the first grade. So far so good on both accounts.
Grant's first day of preschool

Carter's first day of homeschool
4. Our little Noémi isn't so little anymore as she turned 6 months old last week. She is eating baby cereals and starting baby foods next week. We are pretty sure her dairy intolerance is more serious than we thought before (another long story). She is trying SO very hard to crawl and though she cannot do the movements just quite yet, she is proficient at moving all over the floor or crib on either her back or stomach. She also has found her screaming voice. She likes to use it in the van. That is all I will say about that! Oh and last week we had our first ear infection - with both ears. Lovely.
Noemi's baby dedication
Noemi, Mommy and Daddy

There was lots of other craziness so here are a few photos just to prove how busy we really were!
Working hard loading groceries for mommy

Some afternoon silliness

Practicing the "crawl" stance

Our little linebacker

Some good ol' harmonica playing

Preseason cheering on the home team

Carter on "surgery day" for a dental procedure
Lots of love and morning snuggles!

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