Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another week of "WHEW"

So I really did have good intentions this week of blogging about three different subjects, but I have learned a valuable lesson about my schedule:

- If my calendar looks empty, I will have a somewhat busy week. - 

- If my calendar looks full, I'll barely keep be able to keep up. -

I think this is my new reality with three kids in the house. I always have visions of summer being laid back and relaxing. What was I thinking?!

Well, right now, probably the biggest time attacker is our upcoming move. That's right. Did you know we are moving again? When we returned from Hungary last Fall, we stayed with my folks until we had a better idea of where we would locate. Then we moved in January to a temporary living situation in a furnished home (huge blessing, I might add). Now we are preparing for a move to Greenwood, Indiana. We are all looking forward to this move because it will mean our own space, our own things...and MOST important to a mom with three kids - a fenced in yard!

Long story, but the moving date has shifted several times and now looks as though we will be making the big push in the next week or so. I am ready, but it means so much more work to be done. But, as they say, "Ready or not, here we come!"

Getting the house ready to move into

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