Monday, June 18, 2012

A Sigh of Relief...or is that a sigh of exhaustion?!

Whew and sigh. That's how I end most days around here. Relieved we survived another one and exhausted at the thought of going through it all again tomorrow :) Tonight is definitely one of those nights. We had a wonderful opportunity through my mom's employer to take the boys to a children's theater production. Now... let me just say.... these types of activities - normal family outings - cause me a LOT of anxiety. Why? Because with a kiddo like little G, you never, never know what you're going to get. It could be a great experience...or it could be the worst experience of your life. Sensory issues are always at the forefront of our mind in a new environment with uncontrollable/unpredictable sounds, lights, and crowds. He could love it or he could have a complete meltdown. Right now, as we maneuver this disorder, it's a toss of the dice. Now I'm sure when he gets older and communicates with us more clearly, it will be a less frightening experience for all of us!

Well, thankfully tonight he LOVED it. He sat still the entire musical and seemed to really enjoy himself....too much apparently....because when the show ended, he didn't want it to stop. "More show! More show!" he pleaded when the lights came back up. An hour of enjoyment can quickly fade when the distraction is no longer there. So the trip back home was not his (or our) best moments of the day. He was tired... so was Carter and I.  Some times it is hard to not let the difficult moments out-shadow the enjoyable ones. When Grant gets tired, he is even harder to understand, help or reason with. We ended the night with words of encouragement that tomorrow morning when he wakes up he will get to go to "beach" (speech). He's really glad about that - and so am I.

The boys waiting for the show to begin

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